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  Our Goldsmith Workshop is a workshop of artistic craft and offers a variety of services such as:


  Realization of unique jewelry made ​​finely by hand, forging, melting and transforming raw materials into precious objects of gold and noble unique and inimitable ... working with all the goldsmith techniques, from the polished slab to the lost wax, with achievements in yellow, white and pink; will also perform machining of silver jewelry.
  The creations can come from your idea, taking a photograph or a drawing, or availing of our recommendations through the study of the jewel to accomplish. All types of work you can join the magical splendor of gems
  of all kinds, as certified gemstones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc ...) and semi-precious stones of all kinds and cutting required.

  Admire our jewelry on sale in the E-commerce page or take a cue models already manufactured and delivered to our customers by viewing the Gallery page, with some of our finished jewelry and with the stunning Precious Stones embedded.

  Our prices are very attractive and lower than a normal jewelry store, since the sale is direct, that is, by the artisan to the customer without intermediaries.

  Large selection of ready Jewellery: from rings, earrings and pendants with brilliant cut diamonds certificates, necklaces and bracelets in yellow gold or white now viewing page E-commerce.

  Among the many partners of Gold Jewellery Studio is a company of which you can click on the left page of the various Catalogues Links that for the rings UNOAERRE, where you will find countless models of rings for your wedding and all other Jewelry and Watches that are available or can be ordered in our unique selling point.

  Even the jewelry silver rhodium-plated white gold with attractive prices and excellent workmanship are among our partners Reamirra, Kora, Maybe, Mediterranean and Thoughts Silver Jewelry is present and affordable to access E-commerce.

  Interesting is E-commerce catalog "Jewels of opportunity" where you will find special jewelry, offered at competitive prices and discounted to entice them to buy, remember that these offers are short and limited and all items on the website are short-lived, so if you are interested in purchasing not let them get away ...


  The latest discoveries in the field of jewelery allow using sophisticated CAD system (a software program that allows you to create prototypes of jewelry to your computer), to show the customer, prior to the implementation of the jewel, the design and the image in three dimensions on the computer screen, being able to make any changes or modifications.
  You can see some examples of our work with the CAD typing the Page Gallery


  Repairs of gold and jewelry of all kinds of gold and silver, as well as making the measurement of rings.
  We carry all types of bezels and every jewel, even reapplying stones missing or lost.


  Making incisions with a chisel by hand or with a pantograph, such as within faiths, with countless characters at your disposal.
  In addition, you run photogravures, that is, from a photograph you can do a portrait of a loved one on a medal or plate.


  Silvering of objects of all types and sizes such as candlesticks, centerpieces, trays, etc.. Also, you make the rhodium jewelry, which allows your jewelry to change the color from yellow to white making it back like new.


  They slip necklaces and bracelets with or without knots. On request we can also wire mixed with gems of all kinds.
  If you want to see some of the works done, visit the Gallery page.


  Making new jewelry of every style and era.
  Your jewelry will disuse new life and luster of the jewel of the new factory.

  Pay cash with very good rating for the withdrawal of your scrap gold or barter with highest rating for the realization of new jewelry or if you want you can even monetize it. Quotes are updated per second, ie in real time with the development of pure gold / up with the New York Stock Exchange and London.


  Repairs, overhauls of all types of clocks, from the wrist, automatic, mechanical or quartz, those board or pendulum. We carry out restoration of antique clocks and vintage, even regenerating the face, causing him to return as soon as released by the parent. They also replace batteries and all kinds of strap (gold, steel, leather, etc. ...).

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